Amazon Cashback Offers 2017 : Great Indian Republic Day Offers


Amazon Cashback Offers – Great Indian Republic Day Coupons , Deals, offers, promo codes, discounts & cashback coupons : Amazon is one of the popular name and the largest e-commerce Online store in India. They are always  provide coupons along with the cashback offers to their  new users who are looking to save their money. They provide cashback coupons , Deals, coupons and  cashback offers for the credit and debit card users of every bank as like SBI, CitiBank, Standard Chartered, HDFC, Axis, ICICI, Yes Bank and even more. The card Holders can get an additional 10% cash back offer up to Rs 2000 during their purchase at

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Amazon Fashion End Of Season Sale : 40%- 80% Off  : Additional 15% cashback  on using amazon mobile app. Additional 10% on site cashback offer on using HDFC Credit card.

Upto 30% off on Tablets 

Up 40- 80% off on watches, jewellery & Eyewear 


Amazon Cashback Offers

In the present world of virtual market, Amazon has emerged as a name to be reckoned with. Offering quick and reliable service, it has made customer satisfaction its chant. Trading in virtually all spheres, Amazon cashback offers had a wide range of categories to choose from. All the users of Amazon India are liable to the cashback offers hosted by the site in cognizance with the Banks who have partnered with Amazon India. The user can choose from cashback offers, discount offers, coupons and much more.

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The users of Amazon holding the HDFC credit/debit cards have a solid reason to rejoice as Amazon brings you amazing offers. It offers 5% flat discount if you purchase products for Rs 4500 or more. And on purchases exceeding about Rs 5000 one can avail cashback of about 15%.

amazon hdfc cashback offers

HDFC card holders can avail the best deals such as 10% cashback between 16th -18th of April 2016 to acquire up to Rs 2000 while buying products worth Rs 10000 or more with HDFC cards.

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amazon sbi cashback offers

SBI has partnered with Amazon to bring to its user’s great Amazon cashback offers and cashback coupons. One can avail the 10% cashback offer when one makes a purchase of Rs 4350 with their SBI credit/debit card. Offers are also open to the users of EMI’s. As these offers are bound by time constraints, it is advised to cash in as soon as possible.

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Amazon users who hold American Express cards(AMEX) cards are in for a surprise as Amazon brings them special deals. In contract with the American Express, Amazon brings the card holders 15% flat discount on products if the purchase exceeds Rs 7000. Also available is the 10% cashback offer valid to the card holders when the purchase is made on the Amazon app.Amazon is offering 10% cashback to the State bank debit and credit card holders. One can avail max cashback amount of Rs 1500 for each card purchase.

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The clients of Yes bank can avail 12% cashback offer on purchases exceeding Rs 2900. Amazon offers discount on certain products and on purchases made on the Amazon app one can avail many deals. Also the individuals using EMI’s are liable for the said offers.

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Canara bank, in collaboration with Amazon, offers amazing deals and discounts for its card holders. When the purchase is made on the Amazon app, more offers are available to the users. 15% cashback offer is available when the cart exceeds Rs 4800. 10% Discount on purchases made on the app is given to the holders of Canara Bank debit/credit card holders.

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Amazon has joined with the reputed ICICI bank to bring to its users amazing deals. The ICICI card holders can cash in their chance at 10% discount when they purchase products worth RS 7000 or above. Also the card holders can avail 15% discount on the Amazon App. ICICI Card holders can also get the huge Amazon cashback offers on various products listed on store.

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Kotak Mahindra has started to offer various offers and deals to its customers who are using Amazon to purchase products. Its card holders can avail about 14% cashback offer when the cart exceeds Rs 4500. Also the users of the Amazon app can avail about 12% discount when purchases are made with the Kotak Mahindra card from the app.


HSBC has collaborated with Amazon to offer its users amazing deals and cashback offers. The HSBC card holder can avail amazon cashback offers maximum of Rs 1200 on each card with purchases exceeding Rs 6500.

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10% Amazon cashback while shopping is what awaits Citibank card users. On minimum purchase of Rs 5000, a card can generate INR 1500 once. After completion of payment you can automatically get the amazon cashback offers in to your wallet.

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American Express, one of the most used and reputed partner of online shoppers is offering best offers and discounts to its card holders. A holder of American Express card, on making purchases, can avail 15% cashback offers.

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When one enters the virtual world of Amazon, one is bombarded with a wide range of products neatly arranged in a systematic and categorical order. The ease with which one can browse the land of Amazon makes it a customer friendly app. Amazon also provides its users with user specific and seasonal deals/offers. having a wide range of categories to choose from. Some of its categories are:

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It is estimated that about more than half of the world’s population depends upon machines for even the basic functions. So in such a scenario one must constantly update his knowledge as well as his tech. Amazon offers a wide range of electrical products to choose from such as Fridges, Air Conditioners, Personal Computers, Computer accessories etc…

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Mobile phone has emerged as a must have for any human being who wants to be in the know in the society. The technological leaps made in mobile technology has pushed the production of smart mobiles to the forefront. Every day, mobiles are launched in the market with new features. Great Indian Republic Day offers various brands to choose from. NOKIA, HTC, SAMSUNG, APPLE(IPhone), XOLO, OPPO, LENOVO etc.

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One needs to look sharp if one needs to impress upon others. Therefore, one’s wardrobe speaks volumes about one’s attitude. One’s zeal is reflected in the way he dresses. Amazon offers a wide range of brands and fashion to choose from. If one needs to find a party wear, he just has to browse through the amazing collection of wearables hosted by Amazon. If one needs to impress upon one’s superior, he needs look no further than the Amazon app. From Casuals to party wear, from Formals to Informal wear, From Sports to Beach wear, Amazon has a wide array of apparel to choose from.

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Along with dressing smartly, one needs accessories to compliment the look. Amazon hosts a huge collection of accessories to accentuate that perfect look. Users can choose from a wide range of Shoes, Belts, Hats, Jewellry etc.

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Books are a gateway to different lands. They help us escape our mundane everyday lives and sail to the fantasy land where we become the distinction between the reader and fantasy blurs. Amazon brings that land to our doorsteps by delivering the books to us. By sitting on our couches we can travel to distant lands and fight alongside the characters. Authors such as Paulo Coelho have literally transformed lives through their works. Now all their works can be brought on Amazon.

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Computer has emerged as a necessity in one’s life, thus prompting many to invest in the machine. Amazon has come out with various exciting offers in this area. The accessories are from reputed brands such as DELL, HP, and Apple etc.

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The journey which had started with the advent of arcade games in the 80’s and 90’s, has come very far in terms of technology adopted and the penetration of the games themselves. Companies such as Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, are constantly trying to outdo their competitors and to prove their hegemony over the market. One can now buy everything which he needs in order to make the experience more enjoyable from Amazon. It hosts all leading consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Etc. and its related accessories and games.

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A house becomes our home only when we decorate it and customize it to suit our tastes. To solve this problem Amazon brings a section on Home Appliances. All home decors, appliances are brought to its users. It includes Showpiece items, articles to add glamour to your living room etc.

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Fashion Accessories:

For complimenting one’s preferences, Amazon has a wide range of fashion accessories, from shoes, belts, shirts to headgear etc. Designer brands include Reebok, Adidas, Puma, etc. by the purchases of above products you can get the huge amazon cashback offers 2017

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Many people buy car to lend an aesthetic appeal to their homes. So in order to complete the vision, personalizing the automobile goes a long way in adding to its aesthetic beauty. Accessories such as Floor Mats, Upholstery, items to personalize the Dashboard etc.

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In our everyday lives, there exists a great demand for stationery articles. Also many prefer the roughness of paper over the virtual softness of technology. Owning a costly pen also adds allure to one’s stature and personality. Also buying artistic pieces can add a certain amount of panache. you canget all amazon cashback offers at


How to claim the Amazon Cashback offers 2017 ?

  1. Go to the offers page and read it carefully.
  2. Add the products to the cart.
  3. The minimum cart value should be same as mentioned in the offer page.
  4. Select payment option.
  5. Enter card detail.
  6. Pay the bill. The eligible cash amount will be credited to your account in a couple of weeks.

Amazon India:

Online shopping has become the new norm. People believe that buying things online is far better than buying the same in the market. Online shopping is far easier and less time consuming. Also individuals have a wider variety to choose from. As the prudence of online shoppers has increased, so also has the number of websites that cater to their needs. Each website has to evoke their best brains to gain an edge upon its rival. One advantage that Amazon has over others in the online shopping sphere is its wide collection of products.

  • Amazon offers international brands like Arrow, Samsung, Nikon, Micromax, Sony, and JBL at lower rates.
  • Amazon also offers best deals to its customers and offers many discounts.
  • The delivery time of Amazon also is rapid. Delivery of products within 4-7 working days and 100% purchase protection are some of the claims by the website.
  • Customer satisfaction is one of the main aims of Amazon. They get to earn about 15% in referral if they advertise the products in Amazon.
  • It has emerged as one of the most trusted E-Commerce sites.
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